Discovery Carhire Australia - Widgets

What is a Widget?

Think of it as a gadget or tool that will add a benefit to visitors coming to your website. i.e. Fuel Watch is basically a widget.

How do I put it on my website?

Easy! Select the widget you want and then customise the colour - background and text that will suit the look and feel of where you wish to display it on your website. Click the "Generate Code" button to view it and this will amend the code in the box below the button. Now all you need to do is insert this code into the page you wish the widget to appear on. You may need your webmaster to do this if you do not know what it means.

Compression Ratio Calculator
Enter engine details and this widget will calculate the compression ratio. Able to be used with metric or imperial measures.
Injector Size Calculator
This calculator is used to calculate either the horse power or the injector size of an engine. Input the number of injectors, BSFC in cc/min, duty cycle and either horse power or injector size and the other will be calculated. Able to be used with metric or imperial measures.
1/4 Mile Calculator
Enter vehicle weight and horse power and get estimated time to complete a 1/4 mile as well as the estimated top speed reached. Able to be used with metric or imperial measures.
Car Review Search
This presents a simple search box that uses Google search to find car reviews for the car model entered.
Daily Australian Tourist Hotspot
Display a new and exciting Australian tourist hotspot on your website daily with this widget (includes photo).