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Booking your car rental online will give you access to the cheapest rates. Online rental rates are always the current hire rates, and are conitnually being adjusted as the fleet availability changes. Online vehicle hire prices are therefore more fluid or variable than rates from other sources.

Vehicle rental prices are also affected by multiple variables. The items that effect hire rates are pickup/dropoff locations, type of vehicle, dates of rental, age of driver, driver's nationality, and additional extras (such as baby seats or GPS). Car hire rates will change with any of these items, therefore to get a correct hire price you need to enter these details into our quote box.

The other item that effects vehicle rental prices is time. Because of the changing of fleet availability, and hence rental rates, it is nearly always better to book early. Booking early when rental rates are low and availability is bountiful, nearly always gets the best hire price.

Car Rentals Rate Tip, if you are looking around the web for the best rentals rate/or hire price, then don't forget to consider:

  • If you are comparing daily rates for vehicle hire accross multiple sites, do all the sites include GST in their daily rentals rate?
  • Looking at daily rental rates generally does not include extra fees & taxes
  • The best way to compare rental prices, is too compare total vehicle hire price in the exact format you require. i.e. the correct pickup/dropoff dates & times, same baby seat, driver age etc....
Comparing vehicle rental rates in this way is the only way to compare apples to apples. Alternatively, just let us compare car rental prices for you.

Discovery Rentals Australia has brought together the major Australia vehicle hire suppliers so you can compare their prices (rates), vehicles and availability without leaving our website. So go ahead and take advantage of this simple to use step by step process and the best part is it's a FREE service and there is nothing to pay until pickup.

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