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Moving house? Transporting something big? Car Hire Compare can help you find the ideal rental truck to suit your needs at the best value price.

We compare prices and availability from both Avis and Budget to bring you the best options at the lowest price possible. Vehicles on offer include light vans, 4WD utes, tray trucks and moving vans.

Use the quote box above to choose your pickup and dropoff points, along with your travel dates to see what's available.

One way rentals are not permitted, the driver must be over 25
and a standard open licence is required.

A common type of rental is 'one way', where a car is picked up from one location and returned to another hire location. These rentals often attract an extra fee to cover the cost of taking the rental car back to the original location. To avoid this fee, we recommend checking out one way car hires between major airport locations (where possible) as sometimes one way rentals between airports do not attract an extra fee.

While most car rental companies in Australia will rent a car to drivers aged between 21 and 24 years old, they do charge an extra fee to cover the higher insurance cost. Only certain types of cars can be rented to under-age drivers, usually smaller cars. We recommend under-age drivers check the total cost breakdown carefully to determine the additional costs as they vary between suppliers.

Car Hire Compare works with both Budget and Europcar to offer special car hire deals on top of our everyday great rates. These specials are usually upgrades or bonus days. Check out our current specials.

Check out our current specials

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